Nurturing Mind and Body: A Recap of KAANA’s “Korean Wellness Tips for Superagers”

KAANA’s monthly cultural class, “Korean Wellness Tips for Superagers,” held on March 6th, offered a deep dive into the secrets of holistic well-being. Led by Hope Ihm, COO of the Institute of Brain Education, participants embarked on a journey to unlock the potential of their minds and bodies.

Hope Ihm’s insightful presentation covered essential topics such as understanding the superager’s brain, identifying key factors for brain health, and adopting three crucial pillars: exercise, nutrition, and social engagement. Attendees left armed with practical strategies to enhance their cognitive resilience and overall vitality.

The event wasn’t just about information; it was an immersive experience. Participants actively engaged in Korean traditional exercises and rejuvenating meditations, fostering a sense of harmony and well-being.

KAANA extends its heartfelt appreciation to Hope Ihm for her expertise and guidance, as well as to all attendees for their enthusiastic participation. Stay tuned for more empowering events as we continue to explore the intersection of Korean wisdom and holistic wellness.

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