Highlighting the Unforgettable Moments: A Recap of the 11th Sedona Lunar New Year Festivities 

On Saturday, February 17th, 2024, Sedona was alive with the vibrant energy of the Lunar New Year. Hosted by the Korean American Association of Northern Arizona (KAANA), this annual celebration marked its 11th year, continuing a beloved tradition that draws locals and visitors alike.

Over 200 people gathered at 340 Jordan Road from 11 AM to 3 PM, eager to immerse themselves in a day filled with cultural experiences, delicious food, and captivating performances. As the only Asian Cultural Event in Sedona, the festival provided a unique opportunity to explore the richness of Asian traditions.

The day began with a delightful lunch featuring mouthwatering Korean dishes, setting the stage for a series of engaging activities and immersive experiences. Attendees had the chance to try their hand at Fortune Calligraphy, Aura Reading, and other Korean wellness practices, while others indulged in K-energy Healing or learned about the Five Elements.

For those seeking tranquility, K-meditation sessions offered a serene escape, while the K-beauty experience provided a glimpse into Korean skincare rituals. One of the highlights was the chance to dress in traditional Hanbok attire and capture memories at the photo zone, alongside activities like hand-printing the US flag and Korean flag, symbolizing unity between nations. 

At 1 PM, the official program kicked off with a mesmerizing display of Korean traditional Kigong dance by the HEROES group. The event featured addresses from distinguished guests including KAANA President Sohyung Lim, Sedona Mayor Scott Jablow, and Yavapai County Supervisor Donna Michaels, expressing gratitude for the festival’s cultural richness.

The energy soared as the Korea TaeKwonDo Academy took the stage with a dynamic performance showcasing Taekwondo’s artistry and discipline. However, it was the Northern Lion Dance Team’s spellbinding performance that stole the show, captivating the audience with wishes for luck and prosperity in the new year.

As the sun set on another memorable Lunar New Year celebration in Sedona, attendees reflected on the bonds forged and the cultural heritage celebrated. The festival was a testament to community spirit and tradition, leaving hearts full of gratitude for the joyous festivities and looking forward to more in the years to come.

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