A Taste of Korea: Kimbap Cooking Class at the Korean Cultural Center

On November 8th, the Korean Cultural Center in Sedona hosted an event that brought a taste of Korea to the local community. Organized by the Korean American Association of Northern Arizona (KAANA), the Kimbap cooking class took place at 340 Jordan Rd. It was a delightful opportunity for Sedona locals to learn how to create the beloved Korean dish, Kimbap.

Meet the Expert:

Leading the class was NaEun Kim, an expert in Korean cuisine who studied Food and Nutrition and was a Korean cuisine chef, tea ceremony leader, and brain education trainer. With her extensive knowledge and passion for Korean cuisine, NaEun provided attendees with hands-on experience in the art of making Kimbap.

Understanding Kimbap:

NaEun provided attendees with a detailed overview of the essential ingredients and the steps involved in creating this delicious dish. She also shared valuable tips on where to source these ingredients locally, making it easy for participants to recreate Kimbap at home. To ensure everyone could follow along seamlessly, NaEun incorporated a short Kimbap recipe video into her presentation. This visual guide allowed participants to gain a clear understanding of each step in the process, from preparing the rice to rolling the Kimbap.

Hands-On Experience:

The ingredients for the Kimbap were pre-set, providing participants with a structured approach to the cooking process. Each attendee was provided with a selection of fresh, colorful vegetables and other ingredients. The atmosphere buzzed with excitement and anticipation as everyone set to work, channeling their inner chefs. Each roll displayed its unique combination of flavors and colors, and the class enjoyed a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

A Culinary Delight:

With their Kimbap creations complete, participants enjoyed the fruits of their labor. The room buzzed with delight as attendees savored the delicious results. In the spirit of sharing, participants were encouraged to take any leftover Kimbap home. This allowed attendees to continue enjoying the flavors of Korea long after the class had concluded.

Upcoming Cultural Event: 

Don’t miss our next cultural event on December 6th! Join us to learn about Korean board games and enjoy traditional beverages. It promises to be another fantastic opportunity to explore Korean culture right here in Sedona. Click here to RSVP!

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